The following pages will guide you through my book on 3D computer animation using Maya 4 which was published in September 2001 in German and in November 2001 in English by Peachpit Press, Berkeley. The book is also available in Polish, Russian and Spanish translation. If you're generally interested in 3D animation and just beginning to study this subject, you may also want to take a look at the Beginners' Pit on this site where I try to answer basic questions.

The book is totally compatible with Maya 5.

To get an impression of the style this book is, please feel free to download chapter 10 (2.5 MB) by clicking just below. To start the tour, please click on the book's photo further down on this page!


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Exploring Maya 4

30 Studies in 3D

By Maximilian Schönherr

Peachpit Press

November 2001

$39.99 US • $59.95 CAN • £29.99 UK

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