Maya 4 - 30 Proyectos en 3D - Prentice Hall 2002

Maya is a high-end software package for creating 3D animations. The program is being used for creating Computer Games, animations for the internet, objects for industrial design, special effects and movies - from TV-ads to Hollywood movies like Final Fantasy, The Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. Maya used to be expensive. Recently it became much more affordable. You find a demo version of Maya 3 on the CD of this book. If you have a good internet connection, download the free demo version of Maya. It's available via Alias|Wavefront's website.

Originally published by Addison-Wesley, Germany, the book is now available in several translations.

The original; click for details
The Spanish translation of the book was released by Prentice Hall in summer 2002.
The edition is 180 pages and full colour.

Click on the back cover to enlarge.
Here you can download a demo chapter from the modeling part of the book: "Hombre Abultado". It covers modeling and rendering a knubbly person using subdivision surfaces and displacement mapping. The pdf file is only half a Megabyte large due to high compression. The graphics in the book are of excellent quality.
Download a demo chapter
The CD coming with the book contains all 30 scene files plus a couple of rendered movies, several plug-ins and a demo version of Maya 3. The book is 100% compatible with Maya 4.5 released in late summer 2002. What it obviously doesn't do is cover the new Fluid Dynamic effects of version 4.5. Things for the future ;-)